2005 Youth Camps Review

Senior Week had twenty-one campers and a total of thirty-nine in attendance.  It was held during the week of June 5thAlan Borders and Matt Abbott directed the week.  Sonny Childs taught most of the classes and spoke in the evening chapels.  One young man, Josh Knecht, was baptized.

Junior Week was held during the week of June 12.  Jerry Carmichael and David Johnson were the directors.  The week had 40 campers and a total of 84 in attendance.  The creational theme for the week was based on Psalm 19:1 which says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  Here are some highlights from the camp paper.


“As the rain came down on Sunday, the campers and staff arrived at camp for Junior Week.  We began to wonder if the theme of creation should have been changed to NOAH’S FLOOD!”  


“The counselors, dishwashers and campers all enjoyed the mudpit and slip-n-slide on Monday.  The counselors seemed to especially enjoy getting mud on the older staff members.  Of course, none of the staff are really that old, right?!”

“It’s been a great eight years with Jerry and Martha and staff.  Karen and I are relocating to Louisiana and new Christian camp opportunities.  The campers at Woodland have been well-behaved and enjoyable.  We hope to visit again with our sons Joshua and Benjamin.” (David Johnson)

Intermediate Week was held July 10-16.  Mike Abbott and Dennis Royse were the directors.  Thirty-four campers were among the 71 attendees.  The theme for the week was “I am a Soul Survivor through Jesus Christ” and was based on the TV show Survivor.  Campers were divided into tribes, taking one of the names of the disciples.  Tribes Peter, Philip, Bartholomew, Andrew, and Thaddeus competed in different tribal challenges and games.  Tribes earned points by memorizing Bible verses, answering questions from the Gospel of Matthew, or cleaning their cabins.  Each night at tribal counsel a tribe could be voted off but then could find its way back into the game if that tribe earned the most points from the previous day.  At the end of the week, Tribe Andrew  out lasted all the other tribes to become SOUL SURVIVORS! All campers learned that for them to be SOUL SURVIVORS, they need to believe, accept and follow JESUS as their SAVIOR & LORD!  Some of the most popular games and activities were Whiteheads, Dodge Ball, the Mud Slide and of course, CAPTURE THE FLAG.

Music Week was held July 24 – August 1.  John Denny and James Embree were the directors.  Twenty-five campers joined 20 staff members for the week of good acappella singing and training.  There were a lot of activities too.   By the end of the week, the group demonstrated what they had learned by singing at a local church and then at the first night of the Kentucky / Indiana Christian Fellowship Week held in Sellersburg , IN.   CD’s of their singing can be ordered from James Embree.  They are only $5 each.  To order a CD go to the Items For Sale Page on this Web-site.


Hope to see you at a camp week in 2006.

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