If you would like to volunteer to help at Woodland this spring for camp preparation, your help would be greatly appreciated. There are a number of projects available:

1. Cleaning: Kitchen, Dining Hall, Storage Room: washing dishes, pots/pans, equipment, washing windows, wiping down the walls, cleaning the floor, etc.
2. Cleaning: Cabins: Cleaning the walls, floors and mattresses
3. Cleaning: Tabernacle: Cleaning all the seats, baptistery interior and surrounding area, sweeping the floor, etc.
4. Painting: Cabin Interiors: Cleaning, repairing dry wall and painting the walls
5. Outdoors: Landscaping: Cleaning all flower beds, mulching
6. Outdoors: Racking leaves and picking up sticks
7. Outdoors: Cleaning and repairing gutters on dining hall, tabernacle, restrooms
8. Outdoors: Power washing and staining the Octagon Ball pit
9. Outdoors: Power washing and spray painting the exterior of the Recreational Buiding
10. Outdoors: Expanding and Improving the Playground. New playground equipment (swings) and repair/replacement of the current slide/swing set is needed. Also, the area needs to be expanded, appropriate playground mulching material placed and the fencing expanded.
11. Many other jobs: There are many other tasks to complete before camp can open for the season.

If you are need more information or times to serve:


1. Spring Clean Youth Retreat Friday - Sunday May 4-6 2018.

This is geared towards ages Grade 8- age 20. All young people in this age group are encouraged to attend. Your help is greatly appreciate. If you are an adult who would like to participate, please contact Jeff Adams at 812-987- 6006 or email @ jeffreywadams58@gmail.com.



Please check Woodland's web site at woodlandbiblecamp.org for more information.